Barr-Reeve defeats
North Daviess 30-28
for sectional title
(Loogootee) - The Barr-Reeve Vikings defeated the North Daviess Cougars in an old fashion barn burner in the Loogootee sectional Saturday evening.  The Vikings took advantage of a 5 second call turnover against the Cougars at the 24 second mark.  Coach Brian Hughes called a timeout and setup a last second shot for senior Trey Hughes.  Hughes held the ball until the 7 second mark and then took the ball into the left side of the lane, and let a 8 foot jumper fly.  The shot missed its mark but senior Willie Helms of Barr-Reeve raced down the rebound that had hit the floor and turned threw up a controlled shot that caught nothing but net from 8 feet.

   There was some confusion at the end of the game as it appeared there might have been about a half a second left on the clock.  The officials let time expire and Barr-Reeve won at the buzzer 30-28.  Many Vikings fans thought this was poetic justice as the Vikings lost to the Cougars last season on a controversial call waving off a Hughes three-pointer that would have given the Vikings the sectional.  Barr-Reeve has won three of the last four sectionals.

   Barr-Reeve jumped out to an early 8-4 first quarter lead but then the game couldn't have been tighter.  The Vikings and the Cougars played to a 12-12 halftime tie and a 19-19 third quarter tie.  With just two minutes to go and the game tied 28-28, North Daviess had control of the ball and worked it down to 24 seconds when senior Willie Helms defended Nick Crays of North Daviess into a five second call.  Coach Brent Dalrymple objected to the call and after the game was involved in an altercation under the west end basket.  Several officials and police officers had to restrain the Cougars’ coach.

   The game saw 7 lead changes with both teams pulling down an unofficial 12 rebounds.  The Vikings shot a hot 12-21 for 57% from the field while the Cougars could only manage 10-23 shooting for 43% accuracy clip.

   Leading scorers in the game were senior standouts Trey Hughes of Barr-Reeve, and Kendall Wittmer of North Daviess with 14 points apiece.  Both teams only managed tallies for four players each.  Other scorers for Barr-Reeve were Christian Duncheon with 9, game hero Willie Helms with 5, and Jordan Sinnott with 2.  For North Daviess, Nelson Graber and Nick Crays had 5 each with Stetson Townsend popping four.

   The Barr-Reeve Vikings moved to 19-3 on the season and will be back in Loogootee next Saturday for the Regional.
Willie Helms.jpg
-Photo by Larry Hembree
Barr-Reeve hero, senior Willie Helms hit the game winner Saturday night to give the Vikings the sectional title.